There are Millions of Heroes around the world going above and beyond to help those less fortunate.

They deserve to have their story told.

We want to tell a global story of #TheOtherHeroes of COVID-19 through a crowd-sourced video.

Hi, I’m Benjamin Von Wong and I am a creative director that has generated over 100M views for different causes.

All around the world are unsung heroes of the COVID-19 crisis and we want to highlight the amazing work that is being done.

We want to build a crowd-sourced video to share stories of people like you that are going above and beyond to help the underprivileged and marginalized.

So far, we have entries from over 30 countries but we're looking for more!

If you are doing some good in the world, or know someone that's doing great work, please invite them to participate!

The Ask is Simple:

Show us what you do.

Some ideas…

Show us who you are and what you’re doing and who it'll help.Walk us through what you’re doing and capture the reactions of the people you’re supporting (with permission) Show us the situation and environment that you’re in.Don't worry about video quality! Any cell phone works, just make sure it's not shaky!

and send it to us!

We'll be sharing and amplifying all entries on our social channels as they come in!!

Although we cannot guarantee that every entry will be used in the final video, we promise to help share links to all official fundraisers and non-profit submissions!